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Innovative on-demand mobile app for all your aircon needs  
Help is one tap away

Get your aircon diagnosed and fixed with Coolfix App. No Hassle, No Frills, No more unattended calls.

Reliable and Quality Services

Qualified and professional pool of technicians at your service. Quality workmanship and genuine spare parts you can rely on.

You rate, We listen

Rate our technicians to feedback about the service. Your input helps us make every service a 5-star experience.

Amazing Key Features

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SOS Aircon Repair

Find a technician fast so you can get your aircon fixed without hassle.

Reliable Aircon Service

Qualified and well trained technicians to give you a peace of your mind during servicing.

Great Value

We are committed to competitive pricings and quality workmanship to our customers.

Transparent Pricings, Easy Payment

Clear and transparent pricings, no hidden costs. Easy payment via credit/debit cards.

Rate Your Service

Ratings and feedback will help keep Coolfix safe, reliable, and enjoyable for everyone. It will also help us to continually improve.

How it Works

How to use the Coolfix app

How to use the Coolfix app


Coolfix’s smartphone apps connect users who require aircon repair or maintenance services with our partners. Here’s how to request an aircon service:

  • Download Coolfix app
  • Get the free Coolfix app from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. Open the app to create your account.
  • Request for a consultation/repair & servicing
  • Enter your location and input your aircon information. Technicians will diagnose and resolve issues. Min. checking fees and separate quotations may apply.
  • Servicing & making payment
  • You'll see your technician's details, and know when they are on the way to your location. After servicing, make payment easily from within the Coolfix app via credit/debit cards.

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